Aerial View of Chicago Lake Shore Dr at sunrise in Autumn - October 2019
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The Workshop 2023: Session Bundle

All recorded sessions from our 2023 annual conference held in Chicago, IL from October 18 – 22. [[Purchase or Registration Required]]

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Current Topics in Energy Finance

Review of current trends in energy finance, including a discussion by panelists of some of the priorities, objectives, and goals that are impacting the development and financing of energy and…

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Tax Exempt Leasing

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the most significant legislation in U.S. history to ever address climate change, clean energy and sustainability. But you may be surprised to know that…

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Leases and Other Financing Structures [The Essentials 2023]

Overview of certain transactions that do not fit typical structures but are common such as leases, installment payment contracts, pool programs, certificates of participation and others.

Certificate of Participation (“COP”)

Financing that allows an investor to purchase a participation interest in a stream of payments generated by a lease, installment sale agreement or other governmental obligation.

Revenue Fund

A fund into which pledged revenues may be required to be deposited as received and from which disbursements are made to pay allowable operations and maintenance expenses and to meet…

Conduit Issuer

The issuer in a conduit financing.

Conduit Borrower

The private business that either receives the proceeds of the tax-exempt bonds through a loan by the issuer to fund all or a portion of a capital project or leases…

Conduit Bonds

Bonds issued by an Issuer in a conduit financing.

Conduit Financing

Financing in which the Issuer issues the bonds to finance a project to be used primarily by a third party.

State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona before a Cardinals game in 2019. Source: Wikimedia Commons
State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona before a Cardinals game in 2019. Source: Wikimedia Commons
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“No Stadium Bonds” Bill Reintroduced

Congress has reintroduced a bill to prohibit the use of tax-exempt bonds to finance professional stadiums. Here’s what we know.

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Tax Exempt Leasing [Workshop 2022]

The panel presents a short, high-level summary of the fundamentals of tax-exempt leasing (including need-to-know state law and federal tax and securities law concepts) and discuss the use of tax-exempt…