We host a number of committees that oversee various aspects of our association programming and content. All active NABL members are eligible and encouraged to join NABL committees by updating your member profiles.

Substantive Law Committees

Our three substantive law committees oversee our federal policy initiatives and work projects.

  1. Tax Law
  2. Securities Law and Disclosure
  3. General Law and Practice
Tax Law Committee (TLC)

Advises the organization on developments in federal tax law (including developments pertaining to the US Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service) and prepares on behalf of NABL, at the direction of the Board, comment letters, informative memoranda, and other written materials pertaining to tax law.

Securities Law and Disclosure (SLDC)

Advises on developments in federal securities laws and produces organizational content pertaining to securities laws and disclosure practices in the municipal securities market.

General Law and Practice Committee (GLPC)

Monitors developments that affect our model opinions and makes recommendations for revision projects; maintains and develops model language for bond documents; and identifies and addresses issues of which NABL members should be aware in the municipal law area.

More Committees

Diversity Committee

Created in 2006 to facilitate increased participation by culturally diverse individuals in NABL and its activities.

Education Committee

Responsible for the planning and oversight of our three signature conferences and On-Demand webinars held throughout the year.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Encourages and aides our members in advocating on the importance of tax-advantaged bonds to state and local governments.

Issuer’s and In-House Counsel Committee

Established in 2020 to expand our mission to promote the integrity of the municipal marketplace by providing a forum for issuer’s and borrower’s counsel who work both in-house and outside of issuers.

Member Services Committee

Responsible for the development and implementation of membership recruitment and retention plans, as well as other initiatives to improve the member experience. In addition, the committee oversees the development of our website and assesses membership needs through surveys, focus groups, and other methods.

Publications Committee

Encourages, facilitates and coordinates the scholarly endeavors of our members and oversees organization publications including our scholarly quarterly journal, The Bond Lawyer.

Section 103 Editorial Board

Edits and oversees the publication of the Federal Taxation of Municipal Bonds Deskbook materials with Lexis Nexis.

Securities Editorial Board

Updates and edits the Federal Securities Laws of Municipal Bonds Deskbook materials and coordinates its publication with Lexis Nexis.