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Charter School Bond Financing

Financings of charter school facilities through the issuance of municipal debt obligations (hereinafter, “bonds”) have become increasingly prevalent since the first charter school financings were completed in the late 1980s,…

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Form Conduit Indenture (2nd Edition)

The second edition of NABL’s sample form conduit indenture and accompanying commentary.

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Disaster Recovery Bond Financing: Considerations for Congress

Summary of policy ideas for consideration as a first step to creating comprehensive, permanent disaster recovery legislation to address these issues. These suggestions are based on legislation previously adopted by…

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Direct Purchase of State or Local Obligations by Commercial Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Paper exploring the differences between the traditional municipal market debt structure and traditional commercial lending structure.

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Demystifying DTC: The Depository Trust Company and the Municipal Bond Market

Anyone who practices in the world of municipal securities has been there: in a closing room filled with executed documents, anxiously anticipating the funding of the transaction. Months, maybe years,…

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An Introduction to Reinvestment Agreements

A publication to provide an overview and background of Investment Agreements, analyzes common legal and documentation issues, and highlights many of the key legal provisions included in these instruments. This…

Committee Leadership


Jon P. Jurich

Pacifica Law Group LLP
Seattle, WA

Vice Chair

Dawn P. Bookhardt

Butler Snow LLP
Denver, CO

Board Liaison

Jeffery J. Qualkinbush

Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Indianapolis, IN

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“To Lien or Not To Lien”

Forthcoming report covering the subject of security interests in collateral for municipal bond issues and public finance projects.

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Carson v. Makin Thought Piece

The General Law and Practice Committee (GLPC) is working on a thought leadership piece to discuss the First Amendment questions continued in the Carson v. Makin decision. The project is…

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Update of the Model Bond Opinion Report

Update to the 2003 signature NABL Model Bond Opinion.