NABL presents a variety of awards annually celebrating member and municipal finance professional achievements and recognizing continuing commitment to promoting integrity in the municipal market. If you know a colleague or acquaintance who you think deserves to be recognized, we encourage you to nominate them.

2024 Nominations Period Closed

The nominations period for the Bernard P. Friel Medal and the Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award ended on June 3, 2024. Awards will be presented during The Workshop conference in September.

The Bernard P Friel Award

Distinguished Service in public finance

The Bernard P. Friel Medal 

The Bernard P. Friel Medal honors distinguished service in public finance and was established in 1982 in honor of NABL’s first President. Nominees need not be NABL members but may not be current members of the NABL Board of Directors.

distinguished service to NABL

The Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award

The Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual for distinguished service to NABL over an extended period of time. Frederick O. Kiel served as NABL’s fourth president and was editor of The Bond Lawyer for twenty-five years.

The Frederic O Kiel Award
The Carlson Prize

recognizing scholarly article publication

The Carlson Prize

The Carlson Prize, named in honor of Rita J. and Charles P. Carlson, and conceived by Glenn E. Floyd, Norman, Oklahoma, may be awarded annually to the author of the best scholarly article submitted for publication in The Bond Lawyer: The Journal of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, or on the Association’s website.

The prize carries an honorarium of $500 and a tuition grant for attendees at NABL U’s The Workshop. Mr. Floyd’s firm contributed $1,000 to the Association’s 501(c)(3) affiliate, the Robert H. Hilderbrand, Jr., Fund, toward endowing the prize, and the Board of Directors hopes that other members of their firms will also see fit to honor the Carlsons in that manner.

The Editor of The Bond Lawyer will recommend a candidate(s) for The Carlson Prize to the NABL Awards Committee. The NABL Board of Directors selects the recipients.

Celebrating exemplary voluntary dedication

The President’s Service Award

The President’s Service Award, established in 2018 by then-President, Alexandra M. MacLennan, honors NABL members who demonstrate exemplary voluntary dedication to NABL’s committees, conference and/or projects.

The President's Service Award

The Bernard P. Friel Medal – Past Recipients

*Posthumously awarded

1983 – Charles P. Carlson, Chicago, IL2001 – Harold B. Judell, New Orleans, LA
 1984 – *Roswell C. Dikeman, New York NY 2003 – Jeffrey S. Green, New York, NY
            Henry S. Klaiman, New York, NY
 1985 – *Daniel B. Goldberg, New York, NY2005 – Frederic L. Ballard, Jr., Washington, DC
 1986 – Catherine L. Spain, Washington, DC2006 – Neil P. Arkuss, Boston, MA 
 1987 – Manly W. Mumford, Chicago, IL
             *Huger Sinkler, Charleston, SC
2007 – Dean M. Weiner, Los Angeles, CA
            Robert A. Flippinger, New York, NY 
 1988 – James W. Perkins, Boston, MA     2008 – Richard Chirls, New York, NY
 1990 – *Robert S. Amdursky, New York, NY2011 – *David L. Miller, Washington, DC
 1991 – Thomas S. Currier, New York, NY2012 – Howard Zucker, New York, NY
 1992 – Beryl Anthony, Jr., El Dorado, AR2013 – Frank Shafroth, Fairfax, VA
 1993 – Sharon Stanton White, San Francisco, CA2014 – Frederic A. Weber, Houston, TX
 1994 – Robert Dean Pope, Richmond, VA2015 – John M. McNally, Washington DC
 1997 – Joseph H.Johnson, Jr., Birmingham, AL2016 – John J. Cross III, Washington DC
 1998 – *Austin V. Koenan, New York, NY
            Amy K. Dunbar, Washington, DC
2017 – William J. Daly, Washington DC
 1999 – Julianna Ebert, Milwaukee, WI2018 – *Lewis C. Horne, Atlanta, GA
*James A. Lebenthal, New York, NY
 2000 – *Robert J. Kutak, Omaha, NE
            Richard H. Nicholls, New York, NY 
2019 – Fred H. Rosenfeld, Scottsdale, AZ

2021- William J. Noth, Des Moines, IA

2022 – Lynette Kelly, Washington, DC

2023- Arthur Miller, New York, NY
George Wolf, San Francisco, CA

The Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award Recipients

*Posthumously awarded

2002 – Frederick O. Kiel, Cincinnati, OH

2003 – Rita J. Carlson, Hinsdale, IL

2004 – Leo J. Beauclair, Bismarck, ND*
– Thomas S. Currier, New York, NY*
– Phillip J. Dorweiler, Des Moines, IA
– Bernard P. Friel, St. Paul, MN
– Donald R. Hodgman, New York, NY
– Donald L. Howell, Houston, TX
– Frederick O. Kiel, Cincinnati, OH
– George M. Mack, Seattle, WA
– Manly W. Mumford, Chicago, IL*
– James W. Perkins, Boston, MA
– C. Willis Ritter, Washington, DC
– Ruth T. West, Atlanta, GA

2006 – Charles P. Carlson, Hinsdale, IL, Sharon Stanton White, Washington, DC*

2007 – John “Jack” M. Gardner, Denver, CO, Frederic “Rick” L. Ballard, Jr., Washington, DC

2009 – William H. McBride, Raleigh, NC

2010 – Linda B. Schakel, Washington, DC

2011 – Julianna Ebert, Milwaukee, WI

2012 – David Caprera, Denver, CO

2013 – William A. Holby, Atlanta, GA, Kathleen C. McKinney, Greenville, SC

2014 – Kristin H.R. Franceschi, Baltimore, MD, Perry E. Israel, Sacramento, CA

2015 – Robert Dean Pope, Richmond, VA

2016 – Scott R. Lilienthal, Washington, DC

2017 – Frederic A. Weber, Houston, TX

2018 – Virginia (GiGi) Benjamin, Cleveland, OH

2019- John M. McNally, Washington, DC

2020 – Carol L. Lew, Newport, CA

2021 – Paul S. Maco, Washington, DC

2022 – Andrew (Drew) Kintzinger, Washington, DC

2023 – Clifford Gerber, San Francisco, CA

The Carlson Prize Recipients

1992 – Joseph H. Johnson, Jr., Birmingham, AL

1993 – Robert C. Apfel and Rafi Reguer, New York, NY

1995 – James E. Spiotto, Chicago, IL

1997 – John M. McNally, Washington, D.C.

1998 – Linda B. Schakel, Washington, D.C.

2000 – Griffith F. Pitcher, Atlanta, GA

2001 – Thomas N. Harding, Chicago, IL

2004 – John Buckley, New York, NY

2005 – Martha R. Fleisher, Dallas, TX

2008 – John O. Swendseid, Reno, NV

2009 – Paul S. Maco, Washington, DC

2012 – J. Hobson Presley, Birmingham, AL


-Matthias M. Edrich, Denver, CO
-Lauren N. Ferrero, San Antonio, TX
-Ann C. Lebowitz, Philadelphia, PA
-John Utley, Minneapolis, MN
-Paul Wisor, Avon, CO

2020 –

   – Stacey C. Lewis, Seattle, WA

   – David Y. Bannard, Boston, MA

   – Erich Schmitz, San Francisco, CA

   – Glenn E. Weinstein, Chicago, IL

2022 – Frederic (Rick) Weber, Houston, TX

2023 –

– Joseph (“Jodie”) E. Smith, Birmingham, AL

– Ann D. Fillingham, Lansing, MI

– Alexandra (“Sandy”) MacLennan, Tampa, FL

The President’s Service Award Recipients