Paying Agent

The institution, often appointed in an Indenture or a paying agency agreement, responsible for making payments of Interest and Principal to bondholders.  The Paying Agent is usually a bank or trust company but may be the treasurer or some other officer of the Issuer.  Frequently the same entity serves also as the Registrar. Typically, the Trustee is also the Registrar and Paying Agent.

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The person or entity responsible for maintaining records on behalf of the issuer for the purpose of recording the names of the owners of registered bonds.


A commercial bank or trust company with trust powers which acts in a fiduciary capacity for and on behalf of the bondholders by entering into an indenture with the issuer of the bonds.

Indenture or Trust Indenture/Agreement

A contract between an issuer and a trustee under which the issuer issues bonds and specifies their maturities, interest rates, redemption provisions, form, exchange provisions, security and other terms.

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Good Faith Deposit

The amount, if any, required to be paid to the issuer by the underwriter at the time the bonds are sold, which serves as the amount retained by the Issuer as compensation for any damages caused to the issuer by the underwriter failing to purchase the bonds at the closing.