The incremental Par amount established for a Bond Issue at which the Bonds may be purchased.

The Denomination of the Bonds is set out in the Indenture or Bond Resolution. For example, an Issue of Bonds may be issued in $5,000 Denominations, meaning for a $1,000,000 Serial Maturity, there would be 200 Bonds. Since the use of DTC Book-Entry Only Bonds has become widespread, it has become increasingly common for one Bond to be prepared for each Maturity comprising the Bond Issue. Accordingly, in the example, there would be one $1,000,000 Bond prepared for the entire Maturity.

Preparing Bonds

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Par Value

The stated or face amount of a bond.

Minimum Denomination

The lowest denomination of bond that can be purchased as authorized by the bond documents.

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Continuing Resolution (CR)

Short-term spending bill that typically and for the most part maintains expenditures at the prior fiscal year’s levels.