Dated Date

The date of a Bond Issue from which Interest begins to accrue, typically the date of the Closing. This date also helps to distinguish one Bond from another.  The Dated Date of a Bond may be different from the date the Bonds are actually delivered. The Cash Flows or “final numbers” prepared by the Underwriter or the Financial Advisor and as set forth in the Indenture and the Bond Resolution will set forth the Dated Date of the Bonds.

Preparing Bonds

Learn about over various terms and concepts that may arise while preparing a bond issue.

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The date of delivery of a new issue of bonds, at which time the issuer delivers the bonds and the requisite legal documents to the underwriter or other bond purchaser in exchange for the purchase price.

Cash Flows

Financial analyses which have been prepared in connection with a bond financing.

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Competitive Bid / Sale

A method of selling bonds in which one or more underwriters submit proposals for the purchase of the bonds.