Cash Flows

Financial analyses which have been prepared in connection with a Bond financing. Depending on the financing, Cash Flows may include computations of the Debt Service on the Bonds, the Yield on the Bonds, computations needed to support Bond Counsel’s conclusions as to the sufficiency of an Escrow Fund to cause a Defeasance of a Bond Issue, computations to determine if receipts will be sufficient to pay Principal and Interest on the Bonds, projections of Cash Flows in the funds and accounts or investment earnings and information as to the Issue Price of the Bonds.

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Debt Service

The amount of principal and interest required to be paid on an issue of bonds.

Verification Report

A document that verifies the mathematical accuracy of information needed to support bond counsel’s conclusions that an advance refunding bond issue is a tax-exempt bond issue and/or that refunded bonds are defeased.

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Master Trustee

A trustee specifically acting in such capacity with respect to a master (trust) indenture.