Municipal (Financial) Advisor

A consultant to an Issuer (or, in some cases, a Borrower) which provides advice with respect to the structure, timing, terms or other similar matters concerning a Bond Issue. Sometimes referred to as a “financial advisor” on municipal transactions.

A Municipal Advisor may be engaged by the Issuer or a Conduit Borrower to provide financial consulting or advisory services to the Issuer or the Borrower.  A Municipal Advisor may be either an independent financial advisory firm or a commercial or investment bank that, in addition to underwriting and distributing Securities, performs financial advisory services.  While generally they are strictly acting in an advisory capacity as to financing techniques and the structure of the Bonds and the transaction, from time to time Municipal Advisors may, if licensed as a broker or dealer, participate in an Underwriting Syndicate provided that they comply with the relevant rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”).

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Closing Memorandum

A narrative form of, or adjunct to, the closing index describing the participants, their roles in the financing, flow of funds on the date of the closing, closing instructions and the documents for which the transaction participants are responsible.