Capital Appreciation Bonds (“CABs”)

Bonds that pay no Interest until the Maturity Date. In lieu of paying Interest on regularly scheduled dates prior to the Maturity Date, the Interest on the Bonds is treated as accreting, or accumulating, periodically, and gets added to the Bonds’ Principal amount until the Bonds reach their Par Value at their Maturity Date. Accordingly, CABs are priced at a substantial discount from their Principal amount.

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Maturity Date

The date upon which the principal of a bond becomes due and payable to the bond owner.


The amount of compensation for the use of borrowed money paid to the bondholders by the issuer or the borrower.

Bullet Maturity

A single, fixed principal payment at maturity with no mandatory sinking fund redemption feature.

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Certificate of Participation (“COP”)

Financing that allows an investor to purchase a participation interest in a stream of payments generated by a lease, installment sale agreement or other governmental obligation.