Bond Year

For tax purposes, a twelve-month period which ends on a date selected by the Issuer for the purpose of the Arbitrage rules. The first and last Bond Year of a Bond Issue may be shorter than a twelve-month period (and as a practical matter typically will be).  If no date is selected by the Issuer before the earlier of the final Maturity Date of the Bond Issue or the date that is five years after the issuance date of the Bonds, the Bond Years end on each anniversary of the issuance date of the Bonds and on the final Maturity Date.

Preparing Bonds

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Profit from differences in markets. All tax-advantaged bonds are subject in one way or another to the arbitrage requirements, which are contained in Section 148 of the Code and the Treasury Regulations that go along with it.

Maturity Date

The date upon which the principal of a bond becomes due and payable to the bond owner.

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Blue Sky Laws

State securities laws, which regulate the offering of securities. Although these laws vary from state to state, most contain provisions concerning (a) prohibitions against fraud; (b) regulation of brokers and dealers doing business in the state; and (c) registration of Securities.