President Joe Biden (D) waves at the attendees during his State of the Union Address on March 7, 2024.
President Joe Biden (D) waves at the attendees during his State of the Union Address on March 7, 2024.
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Biden Releases FY2025 Budget

The FY2025 appropriations season has begun. Here’s a quick summary of what’s inside and what we’re tracking.

Illustration of a groundhog peering over the National Mall in Washington DC.
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Groundhog Day in Washington

Congress’ long campaign of “hurry up and wait” stretches into February; a tax deal passes the House but faces uncertainty in the Senate; FY2024 spending update; and the SEC suspends…

Three houses growing in size from left to right.
An emerging tax deal in Congress could contain provisions of interest to the municipal market, including the "LIHTC Fix."
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Emerging Tax Package in 2024

A potential deal to extend the CTC and fix the tax treatment of R&D expenses may also contain the “LIHTC Fix.”

Aerial View of Chicago Lake Shore Dr at sunrise in Autumn - October 2019
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The Workshop 2023: Session Bundle

All recorded sessions from our 2023 annual conference held in Chicago, IL from October 18 – 22. [[Purchase or Registration Required]]

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Update from D.C. (October 2023)

An October 19, 2023 update on NABL’s recent advocacy efforts, a recap of recent legislative and regulatory activity that we are tracking, and some discussion on what may be in…

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Private Activity Bond Tests: Real World Challenges

Panel that addresses complex issues encountered from time to time in the identification and allocation of private business use of bond-financed property.

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Public Finance Perspective: Rays of Hope for Public Works Financing

Two recent IRS releases offering relief and promoting financial stability in uncertain economic times address regulatory exceptions for bond guarantees and the treatment of Demand Deposit State and Local Government…

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Requests for 2023-2024 IRS Priority Guidance Plan

Requested items for inclusion on the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) 2023-2024 Priority Guidance Plan.

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Conduit Issues AND Exempt Facility Bonds [The Essentials 2023]

Introduction to state law creation of and limitations on conduit bond issuers, the roles of counsel, multi-state issuers, and many other issues unique to conduit bond issues.

Private Loan Financing Test

One of the tests used in establishing whether a bond is a private activity bond (PAB) for tax purposes. The private loan financing test specifically determines whether more than $5…

120% Rule

Rule outlined in Section 147(b) of the code that states private activity bonds are not tax-exempt bonds if the weighted average maturity of the bond issue exceeds 120% of the…

Exempt Facility Bonds

Type of private activity bond (PAB) permitted to be issued as a tax-exempt bond under Section 142 of the code for the purpose of funding many categories of exempt facilities.