Direct Pay Bond

A Taxable Bond that offers a federal Interest subsidy to the Issuer in lieu of the Interest being excludable from federal income tax.

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Suppl. Comments on IRS Notices 2022-49 and 2022-50

Follow up comments to a November 4, 2022 letter sent by NABL suggesting various areas of need for guidance relating to certain tax provisions enacted under the Inflation Reduction Act…

Stack of printed IRS Forms 8038-CP
Stack of printed IRS Forms 8038-CP
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Final Regs for 8038-CP e-Filing

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finalized rules for electronic filing of Form 8038-CP last week.

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Issuer Letter on PAYGO Sequestration

On December 15, 2022, issuer representative groups of the Public Finance Network (PFN) sent a letter urging Congress to address pending Pay As You Go (“PAYGO”) scorecards before the end…

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Create a Direct Pay Bond Program

Equip our Communities with a New Financing Tool

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Response to IRS Requests on IRA Implementation

Comments submitted in response to a solicitation from the Internal Revenue Service (Notices 2022-49 and 2022-50) for requests for guidance relating to certain tax law changes enacted by the Inflation…

Biden at signing of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Source: CSPAN
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Inflation Reduction Act

Large domestic policy package offering more than $400 billion in new federal investment and $300 billion in deficit reduction.

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Securities Act of 1933

Law designed to ensure that investors are provided with material information about new issues of securities offered for sale to the public.