CUSIP Number

A unique identification number assigned to a Bond by the Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (“CUSIP”). A six-digit “base” number is provided for each Issuer of Bonds, typically based on the type of repayment source pledged to the Bonds; this “base” number is followed by three additional letters and/or numbers which are specific to each individual Bond Maturity selected under the CUSIP identification protocols.  CUSIP Numbers are usually printed on the face of each Bond and, increasingly (most generally, as to the “base number”), on the cover or inside front cover of the Offering Document.  They are also used to identify Bonds called for Redemption in redemption notices and to identify submissions to EMMA in connection with Continuing Disclosure Undertakings or Agreements.

Preparing Bonds

Learn about over various terms and concepts that may arise while preparing a bond issue.

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Electronic Municipal Market Access (“EMMA”)

A website, operated by the MSRB, designated by the SEC as the official source for municipal securities data (including disclosures made pursuant to a continuing disclosure undertaking) and offering documents.

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Direct Pay Bond

A taxable bond that offers a federal Interest subsidy to the Issuer in lieu of the interest being excludable from federal income tax.