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Seven NABL Webinars You Need to Watch

These webinars are designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your convenience.

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By: Kiyan Pirgheybi, Communications Manager, NABL 

In today’s fast-paced environment, change is the only constant. Legal precedents evolve, new regulations emerge, and technologies reshape the way we practice.  

Fostering a culture of lifelong learning is a cornerstone of the National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL). We are constantly offering live opportunities and expanding our library of pre-recorded On-Demand Continuous Legal Education (CLE) opportunities to help advance our industry and promote the integrity of the municipal market.  

These webinars are designed to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your convenience. Each webinar is available for purchase starting at $79.00 for NABL members.  

Here are seven on-demand webinars from NABL with CLE eligibility to help enhance your professional journey.

Swaps and Derivatives

This webinar focuses on the types of derivative contracts, documentation, ISDA terms, parties, and more. Panelists discuss the evolving standards of swap documentation and certain state law issues that may arise in connection with interest rate swaps. Several of the issues addressed are legal authority, legal restrictions, and procedural requirements. The panel also discusses other considerations including regulatory items, tax-related items, and disclosure-related items and accounting related items.

Arbitrage: Can I Earn It? Can I Keep It?

Intended to be an intermediate-level discussion for the newer practitioner or a refresher for those in need of a reminder of the various arbitrage issues applicable to tax-exempt municipal bonds. Includes topics related to the identification of gross proceeds, a summary and review of various temporary periods and spending exceptions to rebate and common pitfalls related to these exceptions. It will also address common arbitrage and rebate concepts encountered in structuring transactions and post-issuance compliance matters, including addressing issues related to rebate compliance and computations.

Tax Exempt Leasing

This panel will cover intermediate and advanced topics in tax-exempt leasing, including topics in state law and federal securities and tax law. Commercial financial disclosure laws regulate some lessors and are now in effect in a handful of states, with new legislation introduced in several more states. Panelists will highlight the new laws, their impact on lease transactions, and national efforts to create uniform disclosure laws.

Tax Issues for 501(c)(3) Financings

This discussion focuses on issues that arise for tax-exempt qualified 501(c)(3) bonds, as defined under Section 145 of the Internal Revenue Code. Such issues covered will include those that arise from: (1) Leases of the bond-financed facilities from the 501(c)(3) organization to other entities; (2) Leasehold interest ownership issues; and (3) Working capital expenditures financed with proceeds of such tax-exempt qualified 501(c)(3) bonds and the $150 million test for non-hospital financings.

SEC and FINRA Enforcement

Learn from examining recent and notable SEC and FINRA Enforcement actions and walk away with an overview of the priorities of the SEC’s Public Finance Abuse Unit and FINRA. The panel will also provide an overview of the investigation process for the SEC and FINRA.

Refunding and Reissuance

This panel is designed to appeal to those with a working knowledge of the applicable federal tax rules pertaining to refunding and reissuance transactions. Topics include (1) forgotten refunding considerations in a positive arbitrage environment, (2) tax considerations in tender and exchange transactions, and (3) best practices for analyzing common reissuance fact patterns.

PAB Tests: Fundamental Principles and Issue Spotting

This panel will review the basic principles of the private activity bond tests as well as address issues frequently encountered in the identification and allocation of private business use of bond-financed property. It aims to provide an overview of private activity bond issues for bond lawyers and tax lawyers with less than seven (7) years of experience in the review of the basic principles of the private activity bond tests as well as the public finance field.

On-Demand CLE is available in most states, except for Virginia. Reach out to NABL (cle@nabl.org) if you have any questions.