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Advocacy Town Hall

Member-exclusive open discussion on NABL’s advocacy work at the start of the 118th Congress held on February 15, 2023. Watch the recording now.

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Create a Direct Pay Bond Program

Equip our Communities with a New Financing Tool

Port of Seattle, Washington. Source: Wikimedia Commons
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Expand Private Activity Bonds (PABs)

Expand Financing Options for Innovative and Critical Projects

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Restore Advance Refundings

Allow our Communities to Once again Refinance

Town of Galena, Illinois Source: Jasperdo via Flickr
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Updating Bank Qualified Debt

Modernize Financing Options Available to Our Smallest Communities

Biden at signing of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Source: CSPAN
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Inflation Reduction Act

Large domestic policy package offering more than $400 billion in new federal investment and $300 billion in deficit reduction.

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Statement of Support for Additional Tax Tools to Help Local Governments and

Statement urging Congress to include additional tax tools to help state and local governments in any large domestic policy agenda bill.

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Statement for W&Ms Hearing on Tax Tools to Help Local Governments (117th Congress)

Statement for a U.S. House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenues Measures hearing on March 11, 2021, entitled “Tax Tools to Help Local Governments.”

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Suggestions for Biden Transition Team

Letter congratulating President Joe Biden (D) on his election and outlining shared infrastructure priorities.

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Comments on the FRB’s Municipal Liquidity Facility (MLF)

Comments on the Federal Reserve Bank’s (FRB’s) creation of the Municipal Liquidity Facility (MLF) as outlined on April 9, 2020 in its program announcement and term sheet, and requests further…

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Suggestions Relating to Impacts on Tax-Advantaged Bonds of COVID-19

Letter addressed to congressional leadership recommending various legislative and regulatory actions to provide economic stimulus and fiscal relief to the issuers of municipal bonds as a result of the economic…

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Letter to Treasury on COVID-19 Proposals

Letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury offering recommendations and draft guidance document to addresses certain tax issues that may affect the functioning of the tax-exempt bond markets during the…