Mentorship Program

  • Seeking Volunteers
Mentor and mentees having an aside conversation during a NABL conference.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2024 Mentorship Program through May 1, 2024. Originally launched by the Diversity Committee as a pilot in 2023, the Mentorship Program’s success last year has led us to bring it back as a standing NABL offering.


We aim to build learning and career development opportunities for younger individuals new to the bond law profession (“mentees”) by matching them with experienced senior bond law professionals (“mentors”). Each mentee will be matched with a mentor who will offer them professional career guidance and advice on how to build their network within the NABL community and the municipal market more broadly.


Mentors must have at least 10 years of experience in public finance and be currently involved with a NABL Committee project or conference. We expect mentors to provide professional advice and mentorship to one or more mentees, include them in their NABL related activities and projects, and provide time to meet regularly with their mentees.

Mentees must be attorneys with less than seven years of practice experience in public finance.

Pairs may determine their own meeting schedules and cadence but should commit to at least an hour each month or more depending on project/conference schedules. Both mentors and mentees are required to sign a Mentor/Mentee Commitment Contract.

Our Involvement

NABL will handle matching mentor/mentee pairs based on information submitted through applications. We will notify participants of their pair assignments. The NABL Diversity Committee will host a virtual kickoff meeting, during which pairs will meet in breakout rooms, and will conduct check-ins with pairs three months into the program.


Any active NABL member looking to apply to be either a mentor or mentee should complete the respective application by May 1, 2024. Email for any additional questions or assistance.