Supplemental Indenture

A supplement to an outstanding Indenture, entered into pursuant to the terms of an outstanding Indenture and delivered in connection with the issuance of Additional Bonds, to cure an inconsistency or formal defect in the Indenture or to amend the Indenture in some manner. A Supplemental Indenture becomes part of the contract with the bondholders. 

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Indenture or Trust Indenture/Agreement

A contract between an issuer and a trustee under which the issuer issues bonds and specifies their maturities, interest rates, redemption provisions, form, exchange provisions, security and other terms.

Master (Trust) Indenture

A type of indenture which permits the issuance from time to time of one or more series of bonds under the same indenture in addition to the initial series of bonds.

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The face amount or par amount of a bond, not including interest, payable on its maturity date.