• Member Spotlight

Tracey Easton

Moore & Van Allen PLLC in Charleston, SC

A lawyer with more than 20 years of experience as an issuer and now for Moore & Van Allen PLLC, she’s an avid book reader and loves all things Disney. Meet Tracey Easton.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Although I wasn’t born in South Carolina, I’ve lived in various parts of the state since I was 6 weeks old. When I started law school, I thought I would be a family law attorney, but somehow fell into a job at the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority for nearly two decades. I recently made the move to private sector and have really enjoyed seeing deals from the “other side”. In my off time, I enjoy all things Disney. I introduced my significant other to Walt Disney World recently and he is hooked now!

You have been a NABL member since 2006. How have NABL’s resources impacted your career?
When I started at the housing authority, I had no idea what bonds were. Within about 6 months of hiring me, my supervising attorney decided to retire. I was completely lost, but my supervising attorney had always mentioned NABL as a resource. So, once I finally got my feet under me, I joined NABL and attended the Fundamentals of Municipal Bond Law Seminar (now The Essentials) in 2006. It was a game changer for me! Words that had not even made sense were finally making sense, and I finally had access to resources that were relevant to the housing authority’s bond issuances.

You were recently named to the Globe St.’s “2024 Woman of Influence” for your work in the real estate and affordable housing community. What advice would you give to new public finance attorneys pursuing a career in the industry?
First and foremost, join NABL. In a world of information overload, the resources from NABL are more focused than what you can find elsewhere, so you are not overloading yourself with unnecessary information at the start. Also, find a mentor in the field. I was very blessed to have two public finance attorneys in South Carolina that, whether they knew it or not, were effectively my mentors while I was struggling to find my way. While one has since retired, the other is still practicing and, nearly 20 years later, I still reach out when I find myself stuck on an issue.

After attending NABL conferences and webinars in the past, what is one new idea/strategy you have implemented into your practice?
I can’t say there’s one new idea/strategy that I’ve implemented because there have been so many. I feel like I always learn something new or useful from NABL conferences, webinars, committee meetings, and publications. Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck in your one way of thinking, that when you hear another idea, it opens up so many others.

In the past year, what books and/or podcasts have you enjoyed and would recommend to NABL members?
I tend to read “mindless” books at the gym or for pleasure. Simply to give my brain a switch from critical thinking to imaginative thinking. When I’m traveling for work, I tend to listen to autobiographies on Audible since it feels like I’m having a conversation with somebody and helps the miles pass quickly. However, Brackish Waters by Matt Boren and narrated by Christina Applegate had me laughing the whole time I was driving!