• Member Spotlight

Kim A. Hoyt, President of Bingham Arbitrage Rebate Services, Inc. (Bingham), Richmond, VA

Meet our January member spotlight— Kim A. Hoyt, President of Bingham Arbitrage Rebate Services, Inc. (Bingham), in Richmond, VA.

Meet Kim A. Hoyt, President of Bingham Arbitrage Rebate Services, Inc. (Bingham), a well-seasoned traveler who has lived close to the nation’s capital in Virginia Beach, and as far away as Scotland. As she reflects on her career, she says it’s been an interesting journey that began in accounting and led to developing her expertise in arbitrage and rebate.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am married with one grown son who is an ICU nurse at a local hospital in Richmond, Virginia. I was fortunate to move often while growing up and have lived in Albuquerque, upstate New York, Scotland, upstate South Carolina, the Philadelphia area, and Virginia Beach. I have been living in the Richmond, Virginia area for over 30 years now. This area is home to me. I love where I live and what I do for a living. Who knew that when I started in accounting that “Arbitrage Rebate Compliance” would become my career. And it’s always an interesting conversation when I get asked what arbitrage rebate compliance is.

What inspired you to join NABL?

Excellent organization with great resources. Other professionals and business associates would mention NABL and NABL workshops, and I quickly realized that membership would supply a fantastic network of distinctly competent individuals and educational opportunities. NABL is an excellent organization.

What new idea(s) have you learned from a past conference/webinar that you have implemented into your work?

Use of NABL’s Legislative Tracker has enabled me to keep current with pending legislation and proposed changes to laws impacting tax exempt municipal bonds.

How has your NABL membership added value to your work and/or career?

NABL offers its members a forum for the exchange of ideas, education and tools with respect to laws affecting state and municipal bonds. These have contributed to the competency and professionalism of my organization.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Someone once told me to always keep my words soft and sweet. Doing so makes it much easier to swallow when it’s necessary to eat them.