• Member Spotlight

Juliet H. Huang, Chapman and Cutler LLP

She’s a partner in the Public and Institutional Banking & Finance Group as well as the National Public Finance Department representing clients in a wide variety of public finance transactions, but there’s more to this international woman than meets the eye. 

Join us on Juliet’s journey from social work to law, composting, and marathons. A citizen of the world hailing from Taiwan raised amidst the vibrant cultures of New Jersey and Michigan and now proudly calling Chicago home for most of her life, her story spans continents and multiple passions.

Before diving into the legal world, she was a social worker, making a profound impact on the lives of those she touched. Now, she’s a dedicated attorney and serves as counsel to a broad range of financial institutions and other entities in public finance transactions.

Family is at the heart of her life, with two wonderful kids, two furry canine companions, and a husband who’s a bona fide marathon enthusiast.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Taiwan, raised in New Jersey and Michigan, and have lived in Chicago for the majority of my life. I was a social worker before I went to law school.  I have two kids, and two dogs, and am married to a habitual marathoner. I am a fan of OrangeTheory – it truly transformed my (previously non-existent) relationship with exercise.  I love composting, gardening, and improving soil quality. My favorite place in the world is Northern Spain. I enjoy a good string quartet – my favorite one is Felix Mendelssohn’s string quartet in A minor, Op. 13 No. 2:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oncGEuT3zNo 

You are the Chair of The Workshop this year. What has been the most rewarding part of volunteering and giving back to the profession?

Working with my terrific co-chairs and the fantastic NABL team, getting to know the steering committee on a personal level, and seeing how generous, knowledgeable, and dedicated all of our contributors are in sharing their own knowledge and taking the time to contribute to the Workshop’s success. 

What are the new sessions that are being offered this year at The Workshop?

Our general session is focused on Demystifying the Inflation Reduction Act with the goal of helping members identify the types of projects that can receive funding under the IRA and understand how the IRA is particularly lenient and beneficial for smaller projects and how one of the IRA’s many goals is to help communities historically reliant on coal, oil or natural gas in additional to helping certain low-income communities.  We have a new Energy Finance Panel that will explain gas/energy prepayment transactions as a tool that some municipal utilities are using to help manage the costs of providing electricity and to avoid increasing rates.  The panel will also discuss the federal cash subsidies available to local governments and nonprofits for various energy projects under the IRA and provide some examples of the potential cost savings that can be realized for these projects as a result of the IRA.  

For Thursday night’s Diversity Reception, can you share what’s new this year? 

The Diversity Reception will immediately follow our DEI ethics panel (“DEI: Making the Paradigm Shift”), so the DEI conversation can continue into the night.  This year the Diversity Reception is partnering with MuniPride, the first LGBTQ+ networking group for the municipal bond industry. Chicago MuniPride members are invited to attend the reception; we have a special registration form for MuniPride members to sign up.

What has been your favorite TV show, podcast, or book in the past year?

My favorite show is Slow Horses on Apple TV.  It’s about a team of MI5 rejects who are led by a rude, slovenly, drunk yet hilarious Gary Oldman. It’s brilliantly acted and written, absolutely comical and yet moving. Mick Jagger wrote the lyrics to the theme song.  I just downloaded an audiobook of Cass Sunstein’s “How to Interpret the Constitution” which was just published.