• Member Spotlight

Jennifer L. Roth

Tucker Ellis LLP in Cleveland, OH

Bond lawyer who focuses on economic development and tax increment financing, mother of three who loves to read, and native Clevelander. Meet Jennifer L. Roth.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a native Clevelander. I have three teenagers and a chocolate lab, and have recently been focusing a lot of my practice in the areas of economic development and tax increment financing.

What inspired you to join NABL 17 years ago?

I originally joined to attend a Fundamentals Conference as a 2nd year lawyer 20 years ago (I still have my hard bound Blue Book!).

At The Institute 2024, you are the Chair of the Blue Sky discussion forum. What do you plan to cover in the forum?

We are still in the planning stages, but one topic we’ll highlight is the 2023 Robinhood decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Court. We’re looking forward to preparing an interesting session, especially with the new forum format.

You have been an active NABL volunteer. How has this helped your career?

I think being a volunteer has encouraged me to stay on top of new developments. I also just enjoy the bond lawyer community and how collegial it is.

What has been your top pick for a podcast, book, or TV show in the past year?

For books, I enjoyed Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow and West with Giraffes. For TV shows, my husband and I got into an older series about Vikings called The Last Kingdom.