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NABL Unveils Innovative Brand Identity with a Nod to Its Storied Past

Our new branding campaign focuses on the future of promoting municipal markets.

(Washington, DC) — The National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) unveiled a new brand campaign, including a bold new identity, reflecting the organization’s ability to adapt to heightened complexity in a dynamic environment. The new look and feel of NABL reflects the organization’s commitment to its mission of promoting the integrity of the municipal marketplace through education, collaboration, and connectivity. The updated logo features a clean, modern design and color palette that reflects NABL’s charge to expand its membership and improve name recognition and thought leadership among industry professionals and government agencies.

About Our New Brand

Arcs are a central theme in our new brand, representing the connective infrastructure financed through municipal securities, such as bridges, highway ramps, mass transit curves, utility conduits, and so on; as well as the metaphorical bridges and connections of peer-to-peer networking, on which our organization was founded.

The color scheme pays homage to our legacy logo, which prominently featured the distinctive blue bird, as well as a fresh shade of green to reflect the new members that NABL will train to serve as the nation’s future bond lawyers. Our new brand provides a subtle and adaptable strategy to help enhance identification of our association as a thought leader in the realm of public finance. It will also help to increase public knowledge of our organization as an invaluable and authoritative resource for senior bond attorneys, new associates, law students, federal decisionmakers, market participants, and the general public.

During the Annual Meeting at The Workshop 2022 in October, NABL’s newly inducted president, Joseph (Jodie) Smith told an audience of attendees and members, “We’re excited for this next phase of strategy that’s in harmony with NABL’s mission and values, positioning us as the leaders we truly are. We look forward to sharing the new brand now and the site with you in the new year. ”

He, along with outgoing president, Ann Fillingham, noted that the new website will expand how it serves as the main content vehicle for housing and disseminating NABL’s public finance work. It will facilitate quick and easy access to current news and information, and past case history. Developed with a modern Search Engine Optimized (SEO)-based approach, it will serve as a host to “all things NABL” (#Muniverse).

The new branding and site reflect a clean, modern image, inviting visitors to explore the latest in public finance and municipal markets. They work in tandem, looking toward the future while maintaining important history.

About NABL

The National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) was established in 1979 to promote the integrity of the municipal market through the education of its members in the laws affecting state and municipal bonds.