• Member Spotlight

Dalton Kelley Butler Snow LLP Denver, CO

Dalton Kelly appreciates the outdoors, and solid advice about carefully reading and understanding the statute and related notes in decisions. This advice and being an active NABL member have helped his professional growth in pubic finance.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.   

I have three brothers and I grew up on a pig farm in a small rural town in Colorado called Alamosa. I was a wrestler throughout my youth and completed at the Division I level for California State University Bakersfield.  I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife, Erika, and my Samoyed, Odin. I love hiking, going to breweries, and playing fantasy football.   

In 2018, you were one of the recipients for the Frederic L. Ballard Jr. Memorial Scholarship and attended The Essentials conference. What was the most rewarding part of that experience?  

The most rewarding part was being able to attend the conference and get plugged into the NABL community. Getting paired with a mentor for the conference and getting to attend dinner and other events with NABL Board Members provided me with a great opportunity to get to know people in the NABL community, and to learn what NABL is and how NABL could help me in my career. It was comforting as a law student to hear about the collegiality in the NABL community and to hear stories about practitioners from across the country collaborating and helping each other with issues. Attending the conference was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the types of resources that NABL provides and to build a foundation of knowledge that allowed me to hit the ground running when I graduated.     

How valuable has your NABL membership been to your work at Butler Snow LLP? 
My NABL membership has been extremely valuable to my work at Butler Snow. NABL provides a wealth of resources through its resource library and conferences that have helped me become a better attorney and provide better representation to our clients. I consult the “Fundamentals of Municipal Bond Law” and “The Workshop” bluebooks on almost a weekly basis to help me resolve tax and security issues that come up. I also find it very valuable to attend NABL conferences, to learn from NABL’s presenters, and to discuss trends and topics with my colleagues between sessions.   
What’s the best piece of advice you have received?   

The best piece of advice I have received related to practicing law is “read the statute.” It is amazing how many questions can be resolved by carefully reading the statute and the related notes on decision, if any.  

If you could have dinner with two people, with whom would dine and why?  

I would pick my dad and wife. My dad passed away in 2014, so I would love to have dinner with him and my wife, so he could get to know the person I am today and my wife.