New Password Requirements Effective September 7, 2018

To meet our new security requirements, user passwords must now be at least 7 characters, including at least one letter and one number. If you are prompted to change your password, click the "Forgot password?" link and follow the instructions to update your password to meet the new requirements. Contact NABL's Database and IT Manager, Blake Grimm, if you need assistance.



Online Membership Application


If you are an attorney in good standing eligible to practice before the IRS and SEC, and can render legal opinions, you qualify as a NABL Regular/Attorney Member.

Online Attorney Application

If you are a local or federal government attorney or a non-attorney professional that deals with any aspect of state or municipal obligations, you qualify as a NABL Affiliate Member.

Online Affiliate Application

Online Paralegal Application

If you are a current law student, you qualify as a NABL Student Member.

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2019 Attorney and Affiliate Application

2019 Paralegal Application

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