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Sam M. Gill, McCall, Parkhurst & Horton L.L.P., Dallas, TX

Tell us a little about yourself - your family, your hobbies, etc…

My wife and I were married in Hawaii 9 years ago. Our daughter was born in Boston in 2014. Other than her repeated claims that the Lakers are her favorite basketball team and that Tom Brady “stinks,” I love everything about her. We are big fans of historic homes and unique architecture, and we’re currently remodeling an old farmhouse in a small town just outside of Dallas.  When I’m not working, I am an auto enthusiast, avid photographer, and weekend warrior cyclist.    

 What is the best career advice you have received?

A simple country lawyer once told me - “Sit in the chair and be ready to give them answers when they call.”  When it comes to working through tough issues, one of my very thoughtful colleagues will often say - “Haste makes waste. We might as well sleep on it.”  Finally, to keep things in perspective, my first mentor in the bond business used to say - “Well, when we finally get sick and tired of this, I suppose we can always just go pick apples.”    

How has your participation and membership in NABL provided value to you and your practice?

I’ve been fortunate to work with many amazing lawyers throughout the United States, and many of those opportunities resulted from the connections and relationships established at NABL events. Having the ability to reach out to NABL members to gain perspective is extremely valuable, and I often call my NABL colleagues to gain insight on how they are tackling certain issues.  NABL does an excellent job of facilitating the development of common approaches and establishing industry standards, and I think all of our clients benefit from those efforts.   

This year at The Institute there will be two new sessions in a limited-attendance roundtable discussion format. These new sessions are designed to facilitate attendee participation in high-level discussions on two topics, exempt facilities and disclosure policies. As the moderator of the Drafting Disclosure Policies and Procedures roundtable, what do you hope attendees will gain from this session?

The goal of the roundtable discussion will be to tap into the geographic diversity and experience of participants in order to highlight practical considerations and common approaches for developing and implementing effective disclosure policies and procedures. Hopefully, we will engage in a thorough discussion of the purpose and content of disclosure policies as well as the varying approaches when advising clients in connection with their disclosure responsibilities.   

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