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Richard J. Moore, Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe LLP, San Francisco, CA

Tell us a little about yourself - your family, your hobbies, etc.
I live in Orinda, California with my wife Lindsey (39), my daughter Natalie (6), and my son James (4).  Depending on the day, the kids are either wonderful bundles of joy or terrorists. The purpose of listing my wife’s age is to test whether she ever really reads the NABL materials that I forward her. If I disappear suddenly, it means that she does. My hobbies include work, work, and more work. Occasionally, I will enjoy a cocktail or a football game, sometimes together. Those are good days.

How (and when) were you first introduced to NABL?

I was introduced to NABL by attending TSLI (now the Institute) in 2002. I had only been practicing around a year, so all the panels went over my head, but I thought the people were great. I still think the people are great. No comment as to whether the material at The Institute is still over my head.

Describe your involvement with NABL during the time you’ve been a member and what led you to the NABL Presidency.

I started participating on panels at NABL conferences around the middle of the past decade, and shortly thereafter was tasked with joining the editorial board for the Federal Taxation of Municipal Bonds books. I then was asked to join the Steering Committee for the Bond Attorneys’ Workshop and ultimately chaired BAW in 2012. I was honored to be nominated to the Board in 2013 and to the Executive Committee in 2016. During my time on the Board, I have found myself deeply involved in almost all facets of NABL including, but not limited to: the Tax Law Committee, Education Committee, and Governmental Affairs Committee, as well as budgeting and staffing matters. 

As you begin your term as the 41st president, what are your top priorities for the association this year?

My top priority is the continuous pursuit of improving and expanding NABL’s educational offerings.  Education is NABL’s core mission and will always be a top priority for the NABL President. Additionally, I would like to expand the role of NABL’s Governmental Affairs Committee to facilitate a more active dialogue between all NABL members and folks on Capitol Hill.

What, in your opinion, is the most important service that NABL provides to its members?

Education for the reasons stated above. But the most underappreciated service that NABL provides to its members is network building.  If you regularly volunteer for NABL projects and conferences, you will quickly find that you have a network of colleagues around the country that you can call upon for the rest of your career.  Additionally, you will find that you are simply a better lawyer than you otherwise would be. This is what happens when you are exposed to more issues on more subject matters and more potential solutions than you would otherwise be without input from your NABL peers.

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