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Nathan Canova, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Minneapolis, MN

Tell us something about yourself… 

When I’m not drafting or reviewing documents, I enjoy being outdoors - and the more remote, the better. 


As panel chair of the ‘Tax-Exempt Leasing’ session at The Workshop: Hybrid 2021, what is one key takeaway attendees will gain from your session?  

Attendees will leave with some of the latest updates to state leasing laws and for those not as familiar with tax-exempt leasing, a foundational understanding of the specific differences between tax-exempt leasing and other financing structures.


You were one of the 2012 Frederic L. Ballard, Jr. Memorial Scholarship recipients. How has your NABL membership impacted your career, from law school until now?

The NABL scholarship was a great early introduction to the industry. I was able to learn about a unique area of the law unfamiliar to most law students (and even many practicing lawyers). That early introduction and the scholarship allowed me to seek out public finance associate positions, even unposted opportunities, with confidence and a basic knowledge of relevant concepts which made interviewing a lot easier. Since the beginning of my career, NABL conferences and published materials have been invaluable educational resources. I wouldn’t have been able to develop my expertise or my practice without NABL.  Just as importantly, through NABL I’ve met some great people that have been valuable resources and friends throughout my career. 


What is one thing – either industry-related or not – you learned in the last month?  

I learned how to fly-fish.


Who inspires you? 

My family. My children inspire me to try new things. My wife inspires me to challenge myself and grow daily.  

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