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Mikell Washington, Student Attorney at Janet R. Spragens Tax Clinic, Washington, DC

What was your biggest takeaway from attending The Essentials last year?

The biggest takeaway from attending The Essentials is the knowledge that I learned regarding the different intricacies in the practice of public finance. Attending The Essentials, offered a deeper insight to these various nuances which ultimately will provide an advantage in practice. 


Why was attending The Essentials as a scholarship recipient a great opportunity for you, and anyone else, interested in pursuing a career in public finance?

As a scholarship recipient, I was able to speak with practitioners about the practice of public finance and gain further exposure to the laws relevant to the industry. For example, I spoke with Sani Williams, now a partner at Bryant Rabbino LLP, who provided me with insight into the practice in the northeast (New York City) as opposed to the west coast. This information was beneficial to me a 2L looking into potential job prospects. 


How has attending The Essentials impacted your career path

Attending The Essentials and learning more about the public finance industry  has reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in public finance. Furthermore, it has reinforced that despite the practice of public finance being complex, it is also rewarding. The ability to be involved and see a project from commencement to its completion is unique and is the aspect of public finance which I am looking forward to the most. 


What was one piece of advice you received from your mentor?  

The one piece of advice that I received from my mentor that I continue to use is “take it one day at a time.” As a law student, there are many external stressors that exist, but being able to compartmentalize and take everything one day at a time alleviates some of those stressors. Additionally, this piece of advice serves as a reminder to take advantage of every day and cease every opportunity. 

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