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Martye M. Kendrick, LL.M., Sara Leon & Associates PLLC, Houston, TX

Tell us something about yourself…

I attended Howard University School of Law and received my LL.M in Tax from the University of Denver. I started my public finance career in 2011 representing municipal utility districts at the board level and acting as bond counsel and special tax counsel in the financing of infrastructure projects. I currently lead the public finance department of Sara Leon & Associates PLC an emerging school law firm where I advise school districts on their tax-exempt and taxable bond offerings as bond counsel. I also act as underwriter’s counsel to the underwriter in municipal bond offerings.
I enjoy the practice of yoga, I play the cello, and I am currently reading, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.
Why is being a member of NABL so valuable to your work in public finance?

Being a member of NABL is extremely valuable to my work in public finance because it provides me with resources to gain the debt of knowledge needed to gain expertise as a bond lawyer, specifically continuing education and practical training resources.
What challenges do you foresee that could impact the future of the public finance industry?

The main challenges I foresee that could impact the future of the public finance industry are COVID-19 and the Federal governments priority as it relates to infrastructure investment.

The impact of COVID-19 continues to strain municipal issuer’s ability to manage decreasing revenues and budgets. The challenges for our municipal clients are clear and require public finance professionals to offer solutions on how to restructure and manage existing debt as well as issuing new debt.  
Federal support is a key component to building and maintaining the country’s infrastructure. The challenge for leaders in the public finance industry, as we continue to determine the new administrations priority in this space, will be effectively securing Federal legislation that seeks to increase infrastructure investment and tax laws that facilitate public infrastructure improvements.
You have served as a panelist at The Institute: Virtual 2021 and The Essentials: Virtual 2021. How has volunteering for NABL advanced your work and career? 

Volunteering for NABL has advanced my work and career in significant ways. The presence on a NABL panel with experts in the public finance field has advanced my knowledge on the topics presented; provided my firm visibility on a national scale; and expanded my professional network which allows me to collaborate and seek guidance from colleagues that I did not have access to before. 

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