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Mae Meierhenry, Meierhenry Sargent LLP, Sioux Falls, SD

Tell us something about yourself…(hobby, interests, family, etc.)

I graduated law school this last spring and started practicing law with my dad in a small private practice in Sioux Falls, SD. My free time is currently filled with wedding planning and fixing up the house my fiancé and I bought in January. We also enjoy golfing and spoiling our adorable English Cocker Spaniel.


As a recent law school graduate, what advice would you give to a law student who wants to pursue a career in public finance? 

I would encourage any law student interested in public finance to take that interest and run with it. Do not be intimidated because you have not taken a class on public finance or otherwise studied that area of law. It is a field you learn in the practice and it takes time. Utilize NABL resources, become a student member, and attend The Essentials conference.


As a 2019 Frederic L. Ballard, Jr. Memorial scholar, how was your career impacted after attending The Essentials? 

The Essentials conference demystified the world of public finance in a way that made the field feel more accessible and welcoming. The Essentials provided a great opportunity to meet and connect with bond lawyers and other students interested in pursuing a career in public finance. The connections and knowledge gained from the conference boosted my confidence and excitement to start practicing after law school.


What are you looking forward to learning at The Essentials: Virtual 2021? 

I am excited to attend The Essentials again this June now that I have started to dig into public finance law. I hope to connect with other new lawyers navigating the learning curve and experienced professionals with insights to the practice. I am also looking forward to the Avoiding Private Activity session to learn tips and tricks on how to approach the subject in our practice.  


What is it like working in a family practice? 

It’s rewarding working with my dad in a small private family practice. I am now finally able to tell people what it is my dad does for a living and understand what I am saying! It has also been rewarding to see my dad in a professional setting and learn how he analyzes issues and approaches his practice. Working for family has its challenges as well. Sometimes it is forgotten that I did learn public finance at the dinner table growing up. We are both learning a new patience and appreciation for one another.

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