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Jade Turner-Bond, Nixon Peabody LLP, Los Angeles, CA

Tell us a little about yourself - your family, your hobbies, etc…

I’m a bond attorney at Nixon Peabody, LLP in Los Angeles; I serve as bond and disclosure counsel to state and local government as well as borrowers counsel to 501(c)(3) entities and underwriters counsel.  Prior to joining Nixon, I was in Sacramento working at the California State Treasurer’s Office in the Public Finance Division where I served as internal issuer’s counsel. I currently live in Downtown Los Angeles and when I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, getting Pupusas at Grand Central Market, attending shows at the Music Center and driving out to the beaches in Orange County. I also consider myself be a “master baker” and love to recruit my family to serve as my sous chef. 

How has your participation and membership in NABL provided value to you and your practice? 

As a new bond attorney working at the Treasurer’s Office, NABL was the first industry organization that I joined. The NABL U’s The Essential’s conference helped to add context and historical background to the transactions I was working on, allowed me to network with attorneys across the nation, and gave me gain access to resources such as white papers in order to increase my knowledge within the field.  Since attending The Essential’s conference as a new bond attorney, I’ve attended The Workshop (former known as the Bond Attorneys Workshop), helped on several projects such as editing NABL’s Federal Securities Law Deskbook, and assisted in drafting a white paper on disclosure.  One of the great things about NABL is that it is resource for a bond attorney at all stages of their careers.

At the upcoming Institute conference, you are the panel chair for the Primary Disclosure Trends- From Green Bonds to Calamity, Climate Change, and Lahars breakout session. What do you hope attendees will gain from this session? 

The main goal is to give the attendees a process by which they can analyze and tackle primary disclosure trends.  We hope to do this by providing a background on each topic, the thought process behind the disclosure from a rating agency and regulatory perspective and then an example of what the disclosure looks like.  The goal is to give practitioners a toolkit so that they feel better equipped to handle such disclosure in the future. 

Why should NABL members attend The Institute?

In our day to day practice, we are expected to be abreast of the current trends facing our industry.  The Institute provides the practitioner with the knowledge to address those trends and also anticipate and stay ahead of future issues. Lastly, attending The Institute will help us to remember that we are a part of a community of bond lawyers, facing some of the same issues, and working together to navigate the ever changing municipal bond landscape. 

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