Whether you are an experienced bond lawyer or are just beginning to practice, NABL produces the best and most highly regarded continuing legal education programs in the industry, featuring pertinent topics taught by the top people in the field. When the field is rocked by a new development in the marketplace, NABL has  a record of providing timely and informative programming. For a list of upcoming events, click here.


To successfully practice in the field of public finance law, a lawyer must keep up on changes in tax, securities and general municipal law.  NABL is your information source, offering a variety of timely publications to keep you current. With the pace of activity faster than ever, NABLNET Alerts are there to provide fast breaking information on regulatory and legislative developments. The Weekly Wrap provides the latest industry news and happenings while Congress is in session – tracking key legislative regulatory and administrative developments. NABL News, a monthly e-newsletter, keeps members up-to-date on various member committees, news regarding upcoming NABL educational offerings and seminars, and opportunities for our members to participate in NABL projects. Finally, The Bond Lawyer® a quarterly publication, provides in-depth analysis and scholarly articles for members looking for an assessment of the latest happenings in tax and securities law. 


NABL is your advocate for the profession, striving to advance the integrity of the marketplace through its work with federal regulators, and  through comment initiatives provided via its member committees on rule makings and other regulatory releases. NABL ensures that its members' concerns are brought before regulators and lawmakers on a timely basis.


NABL’s greatest resource is the support and involvement of its members.  There are countless ways to become involved from attending seminars, presenting on a panel, participating on a committee or by simply contacting a fellow member. NABL offers numerous ways to share ideas, obtain new knowledge or help complete a transaction. Also, NABL’s Membership Directory, a "who’s who" in the field of bond law, is available exclusively to you as a member to stay connected with your peers.

Our website is an excellent resource for materials in the Research Library, access to current and past issues of NABL publications, information on upcoming educational events and links to other resources of interest to members.