Arbitrage and Rebate (Real World Examples)

Discussion of hypotheticals that involve the application of certain federal tax laws relating to arbitrage rebate rules and the exceptions to these rules. 

Jaimee L. Boyd, Foley & Judell, L.L.P., New Orleans, LA
Darren C. McHugh, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, P.C., Austin,TX



Avoiding Private Activity (Real World Example) 

Discussion of hypotheticals that involve the application of certain private activity bond rules applicable to tax-exempt municipal bond transactions.

Lillian A. Plata, Nee Plata Law LLC, Roseland, NJ
Victoria N. Ozimek, Bracewell LLP, Austin, TX



Deal Gone Bad 

This new panel covers the essentials any lawyer must be aware of when facing a troubled financing post-closing. They explain transactional tools utilized in the early stages of a distressed situation such as waivers and forbearance agreements. This panel covers the state law and bond mechanics at work as the distressed debt situation continues, including: rights and remedies of holders and how financing structures, bond insurance, bond mechanics, and elements of state law that can greatly dictate or limit enforcement of remedies. The discussion ultimately covers the relevant mechanics of bankruptcy law when early efforts are unsuccessful.

Kenneth R. Artin, Bryant Miller Olive P.A., Orlando, FL
Rod Kanter, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, Birmingham, AL
J. Hobson Presley, Jr., Maynard Cooper & Gale P.C, Birmingham, AL