Leases & Other Non-Traditional Financings


Overview of certain transactions that do not fit typical structures but are common such as leases, installment payment contracts, pool programs, and others.

Mark Mamantov, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC, Knoxville, TN
David J. Fernandez, Ballard Spahr LLP, New York, NY



Practical Due Diligence/ Drafting the Disclosure Document


Overview of the due diligence process with which practitioners should be familiar in municipal bond transactions and practical guidance for preparing disclosure documents. 

David Unkovic, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, Lancaster, PA

Sani A. Williams, Bryant Rabbino LLP, New York, NY


Qualified 501(c)(3) Bonds


Introduction to the rules applicable to the issuance of 501(c)(3) bonds, including ownership and use requirements and issues specific to hospital, residential housing, and school financings as well as commonly use financial structures. 

Keisha S. Palmer, Robinson & Cole LLP, Hartford, CT
Brian P. Teaff, Bracewell LLP, Houston, TX