Continuing Legal Education Frequently Asked Questions

How much credit can I earn for a particular seminar?
The program brochure will contain an estimate of the number of CLE credits that can be earned by attending a session in every program time slot. The actual credit granted by each state may be different, depending on that state’s CLE rules. If you have a question or concern about how many CLE credits you can earn, please contact the NABL CLE address:

Can I get ethics and professionalism credit?
Only if your CLE state approved ethics and/or professionalism credit and you attended the appropriate session.
Are ethics and professionalism credits included in the “total” CLE hours indicated on the Certificate of Attendance?
If ethics and/or professionalism credits are approved, they would be included in the total credits on the form.
Can I get a form for teaching credit from NABL?
NABL supplies teaching credit forms for NY and IL. The forms for claiming teaching credit from other states are available for download from each state’s CLE website.

What do I need to do to get my CLE credit?
Every seminar attendee who wants CLE credit must complete, sign and turn in to NABL a form titled “CLE Attendance Record” on which you will record each session you attend. When you submit this form to the NABL registration desk, a state-specific Certificate of Attendance will be given to you. Certificates of Attendance will be given out only if NABL receives your CLE Attendance Record form.

I forgot to pick up my Certificate of Attendance at the seminar; can I get one sent to me?
Contact if:
1) You turned in the CLE Attendance Record, but did not receive, or have misplaced, your Certificate of Attendance 
2) You did not submit your CLE Attendance Record
3) You need another CLE Attendance Record form sent to you

What happens if CLE approval from my state was pending at the time of the seminar?
Once the program is approved, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for that state by email. 

How is my CLE credit reported to my state(s)?
Each Certificate of Attendance contains information about how credit will be reported. NABL uses the information shown on the CLE Attendance Record form you submit to us in reporting the credit you earned. NOTE that most states require attendance reporting within 30 days of the start of the seminar. 
NABL handles reporting for the following states: AL, AR, DE, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, MS, NE, NV, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, WV. Other states have various forms of self-reporting. 

Do participants have to sign-in everyday?
The following states have sign-in requirements in order for participants to obtain CLE credits:
  • California – One time sign-in with bar number
  • New Jersey – Daily sign-in with bar number
  • Ohio- Daily sign-in with bar number and CLE hours
  • Virginia – Daily sign-in with bar number 
I did not sign-in at the seminar, can I still sign-in now?
If you failed to sign-in for your CLE credits at the seminar, please contact
Why do New York and New Jersey attorneys get a Certificate of Attendance referring to course approval from another state?
NABL uses these states’ Approved Jurisdiction Policy, which allows sponsors of programs NOT held in NJ or NY to bypasses the procedures required for providers submitting applications directly to the NJ or NY CLE Board. 

What states currently approve CLE credit for teleconferences?
The only state that will not give credit for NABL teleconferences is Pennsylvania. However, some program topics may not be approved by a particular state. If you have course approval questions, please contact

Can I photocopy the written materials from a program?
NABL holds the copyright on program written materials. You may not photocopy or otherwise duplicate or redistribute written materials, audio or video content from NABL without written permission from NABL. 
I misplaced my Certificate of Attendance from a previous program.  Can you provide me with a replacement?
Contact the for replacement of certificates from NABL sponsored programs.