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Tax Considerations for LIBOR Transitions: IBOR Transitions

Join us to learn about the tax implications of transitioning London Interbank Offering Rate (LIBOR) to other interest rates. The Final Regulations provide broad relief from the tax consequences of reissuance in light of the discontinuation of interbank offering rates (IBOR) and other similar hedging instruments. These are only temporary solutions for LIBOR migrations and will no longer apply to these LIBOR transitions after June 30, 2024, unless the Treasury Department extends the publication of these LIBOR rates or provides additional relief.


Register by 10:00am ET on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 to learn more about potential future tax implications. Check out our distinguished chair and group of panelists who will provide an information-packed session.

The Workshop 

What was called the Bond Attorneys'; Workshop will continue as NABL's biggest and most comprehensive conference, catering to a wide array of practice areas and levels of experience. The Workshop is the oldest and largest annual gathering of bond lawyers and advances a core purpose of NABL: to educate the public finance community about issues affecting our practice. It serves as the premier forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning municipal bond law and practice. Matters of critical importance to the municipal finance industry are addressed by leading experts in the field. Stay on top of the best practices and new developments affecting your practice by attending The Workshop each fall.

The Essentials

Formerly the Fundamentals of Municipal Bond Law Seminar, The Essentials will provide a broader scope of topics and levels of content for those who are newer to the field of public finance. New to the public finance industry or just need a refresher course? At The Essentials, yyou'll learn the building blocks of municipal bond law and strengthen your basic knowledge of tax, securities, and state law issues pertaining to municipal finance. The Essentials is designed for attorneys, paralegals, government officials and employees, financial consultants, trustees, municipal advisors and other municipal finance professionals and market participants seeking a basic knowledge of municipal bond law and related finance issues.

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Formerly the Tax and Securities Law Institute, The Institute will continue to offer the most advanced level of discussions, but it will expand beyond tax and securities law topics to include high level analysis of the newest trends and challenges in bond law. The Institute annually brings together the most experienced tax and securities lawyers in the country for the most comprehensive educational offerings available in public finance law. Designed for individuals who have five or more years of experience, The Institute is exclusive to NABL members.