Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many state CLE offices have closed. Several states have also made temporary adjustments to their live CLE credit hour requirements. You can expect delays in the receipt of filing and processing of your CLE credits during this time. Please visit your state CLE website for details.  


How much credit can I earn for a particular conference?
The program website on will contain an estimate of the number of CLE credits that can be earned by attending a session in every program time slot. The actual credit granted by each state may be different, depending on that state’s CLE rules. If you have a question or concern about how many CLE credits you can earn, please contact

Can I get ethics and professionalism credit?
Only if your CLE state approved ethics and/or professionalism credit and you attended the appropriate session(s).
Are ethics and professionalism credits included in the “total” CLE hours indicated on the Certificate of Attendance?
If ethics and/or professionalism credits are approved, they would be included in the total credits on the certificate.
How can I claim teaching credit?
Information and forms for claiming teaching credit from other states are available for download from each state’s CLE website.

How do I obtain my CLE certificates after attending a live conference or webinar?
NABL’s automated CLE system allows members who participate in our live conferences or webinars to log into their online profiles and update their registration form to reflect the sessions they actually attended. This is to be done within 15 days of the conference. Members can then download their own CLE certificates 15 days after the conclusion of the live conference or webinar. Below are instructions for accessing CLE certificates online.

ACCESSING YOUR CLE CERTIFICATES (15 days after the conference)

  • Log in (using your NABL username and password) at
  • Under the ‘Membership’ tab, select ‘CLE Certificates’ from the dropdown menu. 
  • You will be redirected to your ‘Membership Profile’ page. Then, click on the tab ‘Online CLE Certificates’.
  • Once you click on the tab, a list of webinars and conferences you have attended since March 2019 will be visible. You can download a copy of your CLE certificate. 
  • Follow each state-specific instructions and deadlines for CLE reporting requirements.

Non-members will be sent their certificates via email 15 days after the live conference or webinar. 

What do I need to do to receive CLE credit and certificates for NABL U Now on-demand recordings?
To receive CLE credit/certificates for NABL U Now on-demand webinars, archived presentations and audio recorded conference sessions, registrants must email the two CLE verification codes announced during the recording(s) along with your bar number(s) and states(s) to Members will not be able to access their certificates for on-demand learning on their online membership profile. NABL will send the certificates via email to both members and non-members.

What happens if CLE approval from my state was pending at the time of the live conference or webinar?
NABL will notify members via email when their state has issued an approval.
How is my CLE credit reported to my state(s)?
Each Certificate of Attendance contains information about how credit will be reported. NABL will report the credit you earned based on the sessions you selected on your registration form. Remember to update your registration form, if necessary, within 15 days after the live webinar or conference.
NABL reports attendance for the following states: AL, AR, DE, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MS, MT, NE, NV, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, WV. Other states have various forms of self-reporting. Participants from Arkansas must return their signed certificates to within 15 days after a live or in-person event to receive credit.
Do participants have to sign-in everyday during in-person conferences?

The following states have sign-in requirements in order for participants to obtain CLE credits:

California – One time sign-in with bar number
New Jersey – Daily sign-in with bar number
Ohio- Daily sign-in with bar number and CLE hours
Virginia – Daily sign-in with bar number 

.I did not sign-in at the in-person conference. Can I still sign-in now?
If you failed to sign-in for your CLE credits at the conference, please contact

What states currently approve CLE credit for distance learning and on-demand webinars?
Each state has different rules regarding on demand CLE. Click here for more information and details about your specific state(s) CLE requirements. If you have NABL course approval questions, please contact
Can I photocopy the written materials from a program?

NABL holds the copyright on program written materials. You may not photocopy or otherwise duplicate or redistribute written materials, audio or video content from NABL without written permission from NABL. 

I misplaced my Certificate of Attendance from a previous live webinar or conference. Can you provide me with a replacement?

  • NABL members can now log into their online profile to retrieve their CLE certificates for live webinars and conferences they attended istarting with The Essentials 2019 using our automated system. See instructions above.
  • Contact for certificates that were housed before April 2019. (Note: NABL maintains CLE records for five years.)
  • Non-members are issued certificates via email. Contact for replacement of certificates from NABL sponsored programs.