An Online Community for NABL Members

Over fifteen years ago, the National Association of Bond Lawyers launched its website,  Over the years, the website has evolved and expanded to include online conference registrations, fully integrated membership profiles, a real-time membership directory, and a searchable research and document library.  Continuing the tradition of bringing innovative technology to our members, NABL is pleased to introduce NABL Connect

NABL Connect is an online member discussion community, which will be the headquarters for a variety of online communities based on membership demographics, practice areas, and shared interests. These new, dynamic, and private communities allow members to collaborate, learn, discuss, and network.  NABL Connect launched with a General Membership Community.  All NABL members (excluding federal regulators) are members of this community, by virtue of their paid NABL membership. 

The site will launch new communities in phases and will continue to grow and adapt based on member needs. The list of Phase II communities include: General Membership, Issuer’s Counsel, Sole Practitioners/Small Firm, Governmental Affairs, Paralegals, Securities Law, and Young Attorneys/New to Bond  Law.


New NABL Connect App

1.) Download the App:

  • Find the App Store or Google Play Icon
  • Enter the search term: MemberCentric 
  • Click on the MemberCentric icon to download the app

2.) Opening the App:

  • Once downloaded, open the app by clicking on it.
  • Type “NABL” in the search bar to find the organization 
  • Click NABL
  • Sign in using your username and password (these are the same credentials you use to log into your NABL account on our website) 

Here's a user's guide on how to use the NABL Connect app. 


How to log into NABL Connect website: 

1.) Click on the NABL Connect logo on the top of this page (or go to
Click the "Sign In" button on the top right of the page.  Use your NABL website ( credentials to log in. After signing in, you will be redirected to NABL Connect. You must agree to the Terms of Use prior to entering the community for the first time.

2.) Go To Communities and select “My Communities.” 
You will be in the General Membership Community (all members (excluding federal regulators) are included by virtue of their paid NABL membership).

3.) In the upper right-hand corner, click on your profile and select My Account. 
This is where you can change the following:  
a.) Privacy Settings (what and who people can see about you)
b.) Email Preferences (set up preferred email and type of emails you receive)
c.) Community Notifications (set up your preferences for your communities; by default all Community Notifications are set to daily digest)
d.) To add a discussion post or upload a document, go to the General Membership community. You can click on “Latest Discussion Posts" and “Latest Shared Files,” and there is a button that will allow you to contribute. 

If you have any questions about the new online community, please email