Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award

The Frederick O. Kiel Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual for distinguished service to NABL over an extended period of time. Frederick O. Kiel served as NABL's fourth president and was editor of The Bond Lawyer for twenty-five years.   The awards will be presented during NABL’s Annual Membership Meeting at the 42nd Bond Attorneys’ Workshop, October 4, 2017 at the Fairmont Chicago.

NABL Seeks Award Nominations

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Recipients of the prize to date are:

2002 - Frederick O. Kiel, Cincinnati, OH

2003 - Rita J. Carlson, Hinsdale, IL

2004 - Leo J. Beauclair, Bismarck, ND (posthumously)
- Thomas S. Currier, New  York, NY (posthumously)
- Phillip J. Dorweiler, Des Moines, IA
- Bernard P. Friel, St. Paul, MN
- Donald R. Hodgman, New York, NY
- Donald L. Howell, Houston, TX
- Frederick O. Kiel, Cincinnati, OH
- George M. Mack, Seattle, WA
- Manly W. Mumford, Chicago, IL (posthumously)
- James W. Perkins, Boston, MA
- C. Willis Ritter, Washington, DC
- Ruth T. West, Atlanta, GA

2006 - Charles P. Carlson, Hinsdale, IL
- Sharon Stanton White, Washington, DC (posthumously)

2007 - John "Jack" M. Gardner, Denver, CO
- Frederic "Rick" L. Ballard, Jr., Washington, DC

2009 - William H. McBride, , Raleigh, NC

2010 - Linda B. Schakel, Washington, DC

2011 - Julianna Ebert, Milwaukee, WI

2012 - David Caprera, Denver, CO

2013 - William A. Holby, Atlanta, GA
- Kathleen C. McKinney, Greenville, SC

2014 - Kristin H.R. Franceschi, Baltimore, MD
- Perry E. Israel, Sacramento, CA

2015 - Robert Dean Pope, Richmond, VA

2016 - Scott R. Lilienthal, Washington, DC

2017 - Frederic A. Weber, Houston, TX