Bernard P. Friel Medal

The Bernard P. Friel Medal honors distinguished service in public finance and was established in 1982 in honor of NABL’s first President. Nominees need not be NABL members but may not be current members of the NABL Board of Directors. 

The Bernard P. Friel Medal recognizes distinguished service in the field of public finance. The Friel Medal will be awarded to NABL’s Director of Governmental Affairs Bill Daly who is retiring at the end of 2017.  President-Elect and Awards Committee Chair Sandy MacLennan said, “The public finance community and NABL, in particular, have greatly benefitted from Bill Daly’s experience and dedication over the course of his career which includes working on behalf of issuers, bankers and lawyers.”

Past Recipients

1983 - Charles P. Carlson, Chicago, IL

1984 - Roswell C. Dikeman, New York, NY (posthumously)

1985 - Daniel B. Goldberg, New York, NY (posthumously)

1986 - Catherine L. Spain, Washington, D.C.

1987 - Manly W. Mumford, Chicago, IL

             - Huger Sinkler, Charleston, SC (posthumously)

1988 - James W. Perkins, Boston, MA

1990 - Robert S. Amdursky, New York, NY (posthumously)

1991 - Thomas S. Currier, New York, NY

1992 - Beryl Anthony, Jr., El Dorado, AR

1993 - Sharon Stanton White, San Francisco, CA

1994 - Robert Dean Pope, Richmond, VA

1997 - Joseph H. Johnson, Jr., Birmingham, AL

1998 - Austin V. Koenen, New York, NY (posthumously)

            - Amy K. Dunbar, Washington, D.C.

1999 - Julianna Ebert, Milwaukee, WI

2000 - Robert J. Kutak, Omaha, NE (posthumously)

             - Richard H. Nicholls, New York, NY

2001 - Harold B. Judell, New Orleans, LA

2003 - Jeffrey S. Green, New York, NY

             - Henry S. Klaiman, New York, NY

2005 - Frederic L. Ballard, Jr., Washington, DC

2006 - Neil P. Arkuss, Boston, MA

2007 - Dean M. Weiner, Los Angeles, CA

             - Robert A. Fippinger, New York, NY

2008 - Richard Chirls, New York, NY

2011 - David L. Miller, Washington, DC (posthumously)

2012 - Howard Zucker, New York, NY

2013 - Frank Shafroth, Fairfax, VA

2014 - Fredric A. Weber, Houston, TX

2015 - John M. McNally, Washington, DC

2016 - John J. Cross III, Washington, DC

2017 - Bill Daly, Washington, DC