The Publications Committee will encourage, facilitate and coordinate the scholarly endeavors of NABL members and to oversee other NABL publications for consistent style and, to that end, the Publications Committee has limited oversight responsibilities for the Securities Law Editorial Board, the Section 103 Editorial Board and The Bond Lawyer, as well as scholarly publications developed or submitted by members, including those submitted or developed by members of the Tax Law Committee, the Securities Law and Disclosure Committee, and the General Law and Practice Committee.


Call for Authors!

The NABL Publications Committee is calling for authors to work with a team to produce scholarly articles and commentary on public finance topics. If you have an idea for an article or want to volunteer to be a part of a writing team, contact the committee via email at The committee will work with you to develop the topic, assemble an author group (if needed) and pitch the work for publication. 


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Ashley N. Wicks,Vice-Chair
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Sara Davis Buss,Board Liaison
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