The Issuer’s and In-House Counsel Committee was established in 2020 to expand NABL’s mission to promote the integrity of the municipal marketplace by (i) providing a forum for issuer’s counsel, both in-house and outside, and in-house borrower’s counsel to discuss issues of particular interest to them, (ii) working with the NABL Education and Member Services Committee to provide recommendations to the NABL Board regarding educational programming that would be beneficial, and (iii) when appropriate, producing or assisting with the review of written material for publication by NABL through its usual process.


Prescott D. Ulrey,In-House Counsel Chair
(212) 788-5882
David Unkovic,Issuer's Counsel Chair
(717) 581-3711
Brooke D. Abola,In-House Counsel Vice Chair
(650) 821-5064
Michael P. Botelho,Issuer's Counsel Vice Chair
(860) 548-2637