The Diversity Committee was established in 2006 to facilitate increased participation by culturally diverse individuals in NABL and its activities. Events have been held each year in connection with NABL conferences to generate awareness of the opportunities for participation in NABL activities and to provide networking opportunities for diverse individuals. A high priority of the NABL Board of Directors and the Diversity Committee over the past few years has been to identify diverse members of NABL interested in participating in the work of NABL committees, serving as panelists at the NABL seminars and teleconferences, and writing for NABL publications. These efforts have resulted in the increased involvement of diverse members in these activities and will continue to be a key element of the work of the Diversity Committee.

If you are interested in participating and are not already a committee member, login and update your member profile, or contact the Committee Chair.
(212) 318-3158
Karen M. Jordan,Vice-Chair
(314) 259-5840
Joseph E. Smith,Board Liaison
(205) 254-1109